Congratulatory address of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Leader of the Nation Emomali Rahmon on the occasion of the Sada holiday

Submitted by WWW.IED.TJ on Saturday, January 29, 2022 - 6:00pm

Dear compatriots!

I sincerely congratulate all of you on the occasion of the advent of a holiday of our ancient people, which came down from the depths of centuries – the Sada holiday.

Sada, along with truly popular holidays – Navruz, Tirgon and Mehrgon, is one of the oldest traditions of the peoples of Aryan origin, including us Tajiks, and after many centuries had passed, it was revived anew during the period of independence of Tajikistan.

In accordance with the traditional Tajik calendars, the Sada holiday falls on the winter’s fortieth day, during the period of cold weather, and gives the news that winter and the cold season are coming to a close and the spring season and the beginning of agricultural work are approaching.

From this ancient holiday to the present day, a number of traditions and customs, cultural and literary patterns, experience laid down by farmers have been inherited, and these spiritual values unite today's generations with more than six thousand years of history of our people.

In this regard, let me remind you that in the context of the ever-increasing expansion of the globalization process, the recognition of ancient history, pride in the millennia-old culture and civilization of our people, the revival of the best ancient traditions and customs, bringing them into line with today's spiritual and moral values strengthen our historical self-awareness and our national mentality .

According to the historical and literary sources of our ancestors, the Sada holiday is a symbol of warmth, light and the victory of man over dark forces.

In accordance with the data arising from the immortal "Shahnameh" of Hakim Abulqosim Firdavsi, this holiday was founded by Shah Hushang in honor of the fact that a person learned to kindle a fire, use and manage it.

For this reason, for many centuries, our ancestors considered bonfires to be a symbol of this holiday and its veneration.

It should also be noted that the Sada holiday from the beginning of its appearance and with the development of agriculture has acquired socio-economic significance and has become one of the ways to promote and encourage agricultural and horticultural work.

Therefore, farmers revere this great holiday more than other strata of society, and it is quite possible that the Sada holiday survived and was preserved up to date thanks to dehkans.

During the period of independence, we celebrate the Sada Festival as a ritual of farmers and gardeners, and in general, as a folk tradition. And we are making efforts to clarify its good ideas and creative essence, such as love for the Motherland, unity and peaceful life of people, respect for nature and hard work in the name of productivity and abundance.

Therefore, these days, our farmers need to harvest high-quality crop seeds and grow seedlings to a sufficient extent, complete irrigation, clear ditches and trim trees, in other words, comprehensively prepare for spring sowing and lay the foundation for a rich harvest.

Fifty days and fifty nights before the onset of Navruz, the celebration of Sada encourages us to expand the preparatory work in the name of a worthy meeting of Navruz, which has received the status of International, the successful start of spring sowing.

I am sure that the farmers of the country will accelerate preparations for the spring season, and this year they will receive more products than last year, and will make a worthy contribution to ensuring the consumer market, abundance of people in the dastarkhans and protecting the food security of the republic.

I emphasize that in the very difficult conditions of the modern world, such work is very necessary and important.

Indeed, during the celebration of Sada, the organization of exhibitions of local organic sweets and dried fruits helps attract guests and tourists, and along with this, become a means of promoting the work of farmers, gardeners and artisans.

In the Address of the Head of State, in order to ensure the further development of various sectors of the country's economy, 2022-2026 were declared the "Years of Industrial Development".

Within the framework of this five-year plan, the development of the agro-industrial complex and the food industry, in particular, the creation of industrial enterprises for the processing of fruits and vegetables and their export, as an important area of the country's industry, is considered one of our main goals.

Let me also remind you that works on creation, landscaping and nature protection, improvement of squares and streets, cleansing of dwellings and keeping them clean are ancient traditions of the Sada holiday.

I am confident that the glorious Tajik people will continue and expand these wonderful traditions as a valuable national heritage.

Once again, from the bottom of my heart, I congratulate you – dear compatriots, all the inhabitants of our beloved Tajikistan, whether old or young, on the ancient holiday of Sada and wish the family of each of you happiness, prosperity, abundance, joyful and optimistic mood.

Happy Sada holiday, dear compatriots!